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Online Learning
Welcome to AUM Online, where you can find excellence in education and the flexibility of online and hybrid programs or courses. Whether you are completing your degree, developing new skills to further your career or taking a class as a transient student, our online programs offer many benefits:

    • You will have the flexibility to plan your course work around work and family schedules.
    • You can connect with other students just like you would in a face-to-face classroom. Students participate in online classes by posting to discussions, uploading assignments, and more.
    • Our online courses are taught by the same talented professors who teach in AUM campus classrooms and with the same level of quality you expect from AUM.
    • You will take courses using the most popular learning management system, Blackboard.
What is an online vs. a hybrid course?

AUM classes may be online or hybrid. Online courses are presented on Blackboard and do not require students to meet on campus, or meet at a specific date or time. The hybrid course is a combination of face-to-face class meetings and online course work on Blackboard. The hybrid course could meet once a week or just one or two times during the semester.

Online and hybrid classes require the same or greater time and effort as traditional classes. These courses have the same learning outcomes and follow the same strict standards for instruction and grading as in traditional campus classes. Students register for web courses during the regular registration period, receive the same credit, and study under the same regulations as all other students.
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