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Online Learning FAQs
What equipment and software do I need to take an online class at AUM?
You need have access to or own (highly recommended) a PC with MS Windows 7 or higher or a Mac with OS9 or higher. You must have access to the Internet through a high speed cable or DSL connection. A Wi-Fi connection may be unstable when taking tests, although it is successfully used by students for other course activities.

Courses are run on the Blackboard learning management system which uses Java; you'll need to make sure your computer has the latest Java update. Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser; other supported browsers are Safari, Chrome, and IE. Most classes will require assignments created using MS Word. Some classes will require a headset with a microphone. A printer is needed to print various course documents.
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What is an online vs. a hybrid course?
AUM classes may be online or hybrid. The online course is managed through Blackboard and does not require the student to meet on campus, or meet at a specific date or time. The hybrid is a combination of face-to-face class meetings and online communication and collaboration. The hybrid course meets at least 50% online and the rest of the class is conducted face-to-face. 

Is online learning right for you?
If you work full time, have a family, want to further your career or are not conveniently located near the AUM campus you could be a candidate for online learning. Online courses allow much more flexibility than a traditional class on campus because the student is able to access the online class at his/her convenience and communicate with the instructor via email.

Online students need to be motivated to complete their degree, have excellent time management skills, be willing to spend 7-10 hours per week per online course, and ideally own their own computer. Take the online readiness assessment to learn more.

Are online courses easier than face-to-face courses?
No. Online classes typically require the same or greater time and effort as traditional classes. These courses have the same learning outcomes and follow the same strict standards for instruction and grading as in traditional campus classes. You may find the online class more engaging and rewarding through the interaction created in online discussions. Back to top

Do I need to be a computer expert?
No, you do not have to be an expert. You do need to be familiar with your computer and know where to get help if needed. You should be familiar with MS Word. Back to top

How does a typical online course work?
AUM courses are housed in Blackboard, our learning management system. Just like any college course, you will be given a syllabus listing course objectives, assignments, exams, due dates, etc. 

At the start of each week you will access your course in Blackboard to find the assigned readings and activities. By the middle of the week you will begin participating in a discussion forum and will finish your responses near the end of the week. Some course have weekly quizzes. Most courses have 2 to 4 exams during the semester. Occasionally, courses may include real-time chat or Collaborate sessions.

Once the course begins, students are expected to access the course frequently to review announcements, discussion posts and course messages. Once the course opens in Blackboard on the first day of class, students have 24/7 access to it. Back to top

How do I submit assignments online?
Assignments, papers, group work can be submitted through the Blackboard learning management system. Your instructor will let you know where and when to submit your work. Occasionally, you may be asked to submit work through email or through another website, such as the Pearson My Lab website. Back to top

How do I take tests online?
Tests, quizzes and exams may be taken in Blackboard. Instructors will set specific times which you may access the test. You may be asked to open the Respondus LockDown Browser when taking a test. This browser only allows Blackboard to be open while you are taking the test. Instructors may require an exam to be proctored by an approved facility or the ProctorU testing service. All requirements will be clearly defined in the course syllabus. Back to top

Can online learners with disabilities be accommodated?
The Center for Disability Services provides a variety of academic support to students with disabilities, such as e-texts, and additional time for assignments or tests. Enrolled students with documented disabilities should register with the CDS prior to the beginning of each semester. Back to top