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Success Tips for Online Students
Dear Student,

Welcome to your online class! I look forward to learning about you and sharing with you the passion I have for this subject and course of study. As your instructor, I will guide you, direct you to information and content, and share current developments in this course of study. I will ask you to read, watch videos, participate in thoughtful discussions, and help create a learning community. Although I am your instructor, we are all learning in this course and, because of this, I rely on you and everyone in the course to create a rich and shared learning environment.
Student on Laptop 2
As a student, you may expect that I will:
  • Provide current and relevant course information and resources.
  • Respect your level of skill, knowledge and resources and invite you to share with the class.
  • Provide feedback.
  • Provide instructions, due dates, and evaluation criteria that are as clear as possible.
  • Respond to your emails or messages as described in the course syllabus.
In your role as a student, I expect the following from you:
  • If you have never taken an online course at AUM, take the Student Blackboard Resource and Orientation course found on your My Institution tab in Blackboard. 
  • Enter your course frequently to check for announcements, new discussion posts, and due dates.
  • Keep me up to date with issues that impact your ability to meet assignment due dates, etc.
  • Don’t let technical problems wait. 
  • Ask questions! I expect that you know what you need and that you will ask for clarification or assistance when you need it.
  • Commit to excellence! You will benefit from a job well done.
  • If you are student with a disability that requires assistance, call the Center for Disability Services as soon as classes begin and before a major due date.
Good Luck, Your Instructor

P.S. Find a nice photo of yourself, I might ask you to upload it!