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"I graduated with my Master's in Instructional Technology from AUM last spring-- from halfway across the world! Jason Roden, Education Student

“Online instruction works well for students who commit to being active learners, who are comfortable engaging with others in the virtual world, and are taking courses for reasons more than just not having to go to class.” Dr. Roger Ritvo, Professor, Management

“The positive experiences, support, and open lines of communication that were provided through the EARN faculty was definitely the reason I chose to return to AUM to pursue my graduate education.” James Hairston, Graduate Student, School of Nursing

“The dialogue, experiences and interactions shared with the online and hybrid courses allow transformation to occur-both among the students and faculty.” Ginny Langham, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

“Teaching online has given me the opportunity to engage with my students in extended and thoughtful discussions that continue over the entirety of the semester rather than just one class session.” Dr. Aaron Cobb, Assistant Professor, English and Philosophy

“Living two hours away while working full time, AUM’s EARN hybrid track has allowed me to complete most of my course work online, yet still receive one-on-one with my instructors in the classroom.” Taylia Joyner, School of Nursing Student

“Online classes provide convenience and flexibility needed to pursue my degree in Human Resources Management. It would be great if all my courses were offered online." Shelly Blackwell, HR Student

“Taking online courses has allowed me more freedom with my time. I can work the hours I need to work and do assignments on my own time, and the instructors are incredible!” Nicole Guerin, Accounting Student

“The hybrid EARN program at AUM has given me the opportunity to work full time as a nurse while continuing my education.” Kalyn Skinner, School of Nursing Student

“I love having the ability to learn at my own pace and having the convenience of doing my work from home.” Jessica Murphy, School of Nursing Student

“Being a part of the EARN program has allowed me the opportunity to continue my education online all while having a husband and five children ages 1-15!” Heather Curtis, School of Nursing Student

“Online classes are not for everyone. However, online classes are the perfect opportunity for focused and conscientious students to create a schedule which suits their busy lives.” Dr. Venessa Funches, Associate Professor, Department Head, Marketing

“Online teaching has opened up new teaching experiences for me that I did not imagine were possible in this environment.” Dr. Jan Bulman, Associate Professor, History and International Studies

“Online discussion forums and blog-based assignments make it possible for students to engage with each other’s ideas more deeply and more fully.” Dr. Matt Jordan, Assistant Professor, English and Philosophy

“I enjoy teaching online because of the excellent and thought-provoking online discussions we have in the courses.” Dr. Eric Sterling, Professor, English and Philosophy

“Teaching online for 12 years, I have had the privilege of working in partnership with many RNs to enhance and transform their professional nursing practice.” Dr. Debbie Faulk, Professor, School of Nursing

“I’ve enjoyed teaching online at AUM because it has allowed me to use the school’s databases and multimedia resources more effectively.” Dr. Robert Klevay, Assistant Professor, English and Philosophy