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Tuition and Financial Aid

Continuing your education is an investment in your success. The median pay for professionals with bachelor’s degrees is 68% higher than those with a high school diploma — and completing an advanced degree strengthens your earning power even more.1

With the online degree programs from Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM), you’ll engage in a quality education that can pay dividends for your career while benefitting from affordable tuition. In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranked us among the Best Value Schools in 2023.2

AUM offers generous transfer credit opportunities to students in Alabama and beyond, helping reduce the tuition costs for your online degree program. As a participant in the Yellow Ribbon program, we provide military veterans with an affordable way to achieve their educational goals.

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Tuition Rates for AUM’s Online Programs

Review the costs for the online degree programs available from Auburn University at Montgomery.

Note: This is an estimate of the total tuition based on the current school year and is subject to change.

Online Degree ProgramCredit HoursIn-State/Out-of-State
Cost Per Credit
Total Tuition*
Business Administration, BS 120 $368 / $389 $44,160 / $46,680 
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) 30 $368 / $389  $11,040 / $11,670  
Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), BS 120 $368 / $389  $44,160 / $46,680  
Business Administration, MBA 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Healthcare Administration, MHA 33 $465 / $511  $15,345 / $16,683  
Elementary Education, MEd 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Instructional Leadership, MEd 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Instructional Technology, MEd 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Kinesiology, MEd 33 $465 / $511  $15,345 / $16,863  
Secondary Education, MEd 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Special Education, MEd 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Applied Economics, MS 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Criminal Justice, MS 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Homeland Security and Emergency Management, MS 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Industrial and Organizational Psychology, MS Psychology 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Counseling, EdS 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Elementary Education, EdS 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Instructional Leadership, EdS 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Instructional Technology, EdS 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Special Education, EdS 30 $465 / $511  $13,950 / $15,330  
Instructional Systems and Learning Sciences, EdD 61 $465 / $511 $28,365 / $31,171 

Make Your Online Program More Affordable

There are many ways to make your tuition costs manageable as you begin your online degree program. Explore the following options for securing financial aid, using military benefits, and more.

Financial Aid

Eligible students can make their tuition costs more affordable through federal loans and other financial aid programs. A great step to take after applying to AUM is to complete your FAFSA® form, which will determine your financial aid eligibility. The school code for Auburn University at Montgomery is 008310.

Military Benefits

As one of the Top 10 Military Friendly® schools for 2023-2024,3 AUM offers affordable online degree programs for active-duty and veteran service members. Request information to connect with our admissions team to discuss your federal benefits, our Yellow Ribbon program participation, and more.

Federal Grants

In addition to completing the FAFSA, you might be able to access financial aid by pursuing federal grants that do not have to be repaid. Options include the Federal Pell Grant and the Alabama Student Assistance Program Grant.

Transfer Credits

Make the most of your past college experience by transferring your credits to Auburn University at Montgomery. This option enables eligible students to do more than reduce the length of their online degree programs — transfer credits can also lower tuition costs.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Are you interested in reducing the cost of your online degree program? Ask your employer if they offer a tuition reimbursement program. If so, you might be able to get assistance with a significant portion of your tuition costs.

Talk with your HR department about whether your employer reimburses tuition for online degree programs. You can also request information or call 800-316-7592 to discuss tuition reimbursement programs with AUM’s admissions team.

Four Ways an Online Degree Program Benefits You and Your Employer

Nearly half of U.S. employers offer tuition reimbursement programs,4 and for good reason. Research has shown these programs foster higher job satisfaction and employee retention.5 Here are four additional benefits to mention when you ask your employer about reimbursing the tuition for your online degree program:

AUM’s online degree programs impart an array of skills that can prove valuable in the workplace.

Our faculty members emphasize practical education, so you can develop skills that boost your job performance as soon as your classes begin.

AUM offers highly affordable tuition for each online program, providing considerable value for students and employers alike.

With AUM’s online degree programs, you’ll get the flexibility to succeed in class while continuing to perform at a high level in your career.

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*Estimated tuition cost, not including fees or transfer credits.